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The Type of Fuel Used in a Ferrari

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From the Ferrari F8 Tributo to a classic Ferrari model, by choosing a Ferrari, you’re getting a high-performance vehicle that will offer an exciting driving experience on the Chicago roads. Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari model, and you’ll immediately notice the level of precision that offers optimal performance when you’re pushing it hard on the track. One of the incredible feats of engineering that allows a Ferrari to perform so well is because of the hand-assembled engines. These engines have been put together with excellent craftsmanship, and to continue that craftsmanship, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the proper supercar fuel. So, what type of fuel is used in a Ferrari? Most Ferrari models require premium fuel, and if possible, without ethanol. Learn all about the type of fuel used in a Ferrari vehicle and why you should use premium, non-ethanol fuel in your Ferrari with Ferrari Lake Forest

What Is Premium Gas?

When you’re at the Indianapolis, IN gas station getting ready to fill up your Ferrari, you’ll likely notice there are multiple fuel options. Of the two, the popular choices are regular gas and premium gas. But, what is premium gas? Premium gas typically has a higher octane rating. A higher octane rating means that the fuel is less susceptible to pre-ignition. Here are some important things to consider about premium gas:

  • Lower octane can ignite easier than higher octane fuel.
  • Regular vehicles have engines that are equipped to prevent the premature fuel ignition that lower octane fuel is susceptible to.
  • However, this technology limits the vehicle’s performance.
  • Since Ferrari vehicles are performance-oriented, you’ll want to use a higher octane fuel, typically called premium fuel.

Premium Fuel & Engine Knocking

Now that we’ve answered, “What is premium gas?”, how does premium fuel relate to engine knocking? In lamens terms, pre-ignition is when the fuel combusts prematurely, engine knocking is how you can tell that you’re having pre-ignition issues. As the name suggests, it sounds like your engine is knocking under the hood if you’re having problems with pre-ignition. It might sound like this is just a mild inconvenience, but each pre-ignition is an explosion in the engine that can send shockwaves through the most expensive parts of a vehicle, risking significant damage. This is why a driver should always use the fuel recommended in their owner’s manual.

Premium vs. Regular Fuel for Your Ferrari

When comparing premium vs. regular fuel in your Ferrari vehicle, you should consider that your Ferrari is a high-performance machine. It’s made with the highest level of precision and is intended to perform as such when you’re headed to a track. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid using regular fuel in your Ferrari. While the cost of regular fuel is lower than the premium, you could pay the price when your Ferrari vehicle has issues as you’re driving around Minneapolis, MN. Always use the recommended fuel in your Ferrari vehicle.

Supercar Fuel & Ethanol

Many gas stations offer gasoline fuel with a mix of ethanol. Ethanol is essentially a form of alcohol that’s often derived from plants. While ethanol is fine to use in standard vehicles, it should be avoided in your Ferrari if possible. Ethanol-free gasoline can be difficult to locate, but it’s worth it if you want to ensure that your Ferrari performs at its best on the Lake Bluff roads.

Learn More About Supercar Fuel Today With Ferrari Lake Forest!

If you have any questions about premium fuel on your Ferrari, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for further assistance. If you’re looking to keep your Ferrari in tip-top shape, you’re more than welcome to stop by our service department to learn more about properly caring for your Ferrari vehicle!


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