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The Atelier Design Studio Ferrari Configurator

Ferrari Atelier Design Studio

Customizing a Ferrari Roma

Watch Nick Mancuso walk you through how to configure your Ferrari, designing a new Ferrari Roma from the comfort of our design studio.

Your Personal Ferrari Configurator

To many drivers, buying a car can feel like a chore, but ordering a Ferrari is a different story. Configuring a new Ferrari to your wants and needs should be an event — a belief we subscribe to in the Ferrari Atelier Design Studio at Ferrari Lake Forest. When you work with our team to build out a new Ferrari, you can experience the colors and materials firsthand — and our state-of-the-art Ferrari configurator specs out a digital version of your model in real time as you fine-tune the details.

The Atelier Design Studio: Bring the Ferrari Configurator to You

Whether life makes it difficult for you to make the trip to our showroom or you would just prefer to build out your Ferrari from the comfort of your own home, we can bring the Ferrari Configurator to you. Ferrari Lake Forest does more than just connect you to an app; we work with you remotely to go through every step of the build together. 

The details that go into how to configure a Ferrari will depend on exactly what you’re looking for. Interior materials and colors, seat styling, dash styling, and so much more. Personalizing a Ferrari in-studio means seeing your changes made in real time on a flatscreen, and when you’re remote, those details are pushed directly to your computer as we build. When you need to see real color samples, real leather samples, overlay stitching, and other details, we show them to you over video. It’s the next best thing to being here in person. Ferrari’s on-site configurator can only go so far. Let us bring our design studio to your living room.

Atelier Design Studio Materials Wall

Let Ferrari Lake Forest Help You Find Your Next Ferrari

Learning how to configure the Ferrari you’re searching for can seem intimidating at first. It’s why we work one-on-one with our Chicago drivers to find their ideal model. When you visit the Ferrari Atelier Design Studio in-person or remotely, you experience the closest thing to being in Maranello, personally choosing materials and paint colors. Contact Ferrari Lake Forest to learn more about speccing out your next Ferrari with us. 


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