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What Are Supercars?

Ferrari 250 GTO


From young automotive aficionados to professional experts, nearly everyone can agree that owning a supercar is one of the pinnacle goals of being an enthusiast. While you’ve often heard the term “supercars” and “hypercars” used to describe Ferrari vehicles, are they the same thing? What are supercars anyways? The definition of a supercar is different depending on who you ask. Some argue that a supercar is based on performance while others say that a supercar has limited availability.



While there’s technically no right or wrong answer to, “What are supercars?”, we personally believe that a supercar isn’t just about performance or numbers. We feel that a supercar is something that gets you excited to drive on paved Chicago streets and on a professional track. Supercars should make you look forward to driving and offer a level of refinement and engineering that’s rare to find. Learn more about supercars today with Ferrari Lake Forest, and continue reading to have some of these questions answered:

  • What is considered a supercar, hypercar, & sports car?
  • What cars are classed as supercars from Ferrari?

What Is Considered a Supercar, Hypercar, & Sports Car?

Whether you’re researching classic Ferrari models or the latest and greatest Ferrari vehicles, you’ll find that there are terms like “supercars”, “hypercars”, and “sports cars” being thrown around. Technically, these terms all have different meanings and can be used as a way to classify a vehicle.

Although there isn’t an agreed-upon answer to the question, “What is considered a supercar, hypercar, and sports car?”, many can agree that hypercars sit at the very top of the classification, and sports cars are at the beginning. Some state that factors like innovative technology, price, rarity, and even the driving experiences are what separates certain vehicles into each category. Here’s a broad definition of a sports car, supercar, and hypercar:

  • Sports Cars: Sports cars sit at the start of the spectrum of performance vehicles. Sports cars may often provide some impressive performance statistics that allow it to stand out from many commuter vehicles in Indianapolis, IN, but they often don’t have the rarity or driving experience that comes close to a supercar.
  • Supercars: Many Ferrari models are supercars, and supercars completely outclass sports cars. Supercars add a sense of style and innovation that’s just not found in your standard sports cars. Their performance is balanced, and their sense of excitement is unlike any other.
  • Hypercars: Hypercars are the cream of the crop when compared to sports cars and supercars. They offer unique powertrains and provide a look into the future for many brands. Hypercars are extremely rare and are often reserved for those who want the best of the best in performance, style, and scarcity. Ferrari has some exceptional hypercars including the legendary Ferrari LaFerrari and even the Ferrari Aperta.

What Cars Are Classed as Supercars From Ferrari?

The lineup of Ferrari models is often classified under the supercar and hypercar categories. But, what cars as classed as supercars from Ferrari? Legendary Ferrari models are reserved for hypercar enthusiasts while several iconic Ferrari models are considered supercars. Rest assured that no matter which Ferrari you’re driving around Minneapolis, MN, you’re treated to a memorable driving experience that’ll have you wanting more each and every time you get behind the wheel. Here are some Ferrari vehicles many consider a supercar:

  • Ferrari 812 GTS
  • Ferrari SF90 Stradale
  • Ferrari SF90 Spider
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Ferrari Portofino M
  • And more

Find the Supercar You’ve Been Dreaming of With Ferrari Lake Forest!

Driving a supercar is special, so it’s no surprise that driving a Ferrari is truly a unique experience. If you’re ready to find your dream Ferrari supercar or hypercar to take home to your Lake Bluff collection, you can count on our team. To learn more, you can simply reach out to us online for assistance!


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