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Supercar vs. Hypercar: What's the Difference?

SF90 vs. LaFerrari

The term supercar already makes a vehicle sound extraordinary, but if you’ve spent any time around supercars, you know there’s also the hypercar. What’s the difference between supercar and hypercar? Chicago Ferrari is already a step above competing vehicles, but aficionados will notice a few key differences in design, performance, and rarity that separate the Ferrari supercar and hypercar. 

Let’s take a look at Ferrari supercar and hypercar models, with a focus on a few staples of the Ferrari lineup compared to the LaFerrari.

Ferrari Supercar & Hypercar Design

It can be tempting to think of a supercar or a hypercar as a race car, but all it takes is one glance at an automobile like the Ferrari 488 GTB or SF90 to see that there’s more going on. While race cars have rather simple requirements — high speed, high control — supercars and hypercars have their demand because they deliver performance in style. It’s more than just that famous shade of red; Ferrari vehicles have curves and angles, fenders and ventilation that balance the performance and aesthetic needs of the vehicle. 

So, what’s the difference between a supercar and a hypercar when it comes to design? 

  • You can often trace the pedigree of a supercar, discover how its latest design is an iteration on an older design, which is itself an iteration on an older design. 
  • The goal is perfection through production. A hypercar, on the other hand, might look a bit strange to some drivers. Aerodynamics will occasionally overtake aesthetics and lead to unique mirror designs, a lower ride, unique spoiler capabilities, and more.

For instance, while the 488 GTB sports a twin-turbo V8, the LaFerrari carries a first-of-its-kind HY-KERS hybrid powertrain, inspired by Formula 1 tech that fuses control and efficiency. The 488’s predecessors do come from the track, but they’re a few generations removed. It takes just a glance at the 0-60 mph times to see the difference: the 488 GTB hits 60 mph in 3.0 seconds while the LaFerrari arrives in just 2.4 seconds.

Performance in Supercars vs. Hypercars

We touched on some surface-level differences in design that can affect performance — namely the specs — but the fact is that hypercars often approach the road in a different way. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Hybrid Powertrains: Electric motors aren’t just for the Prius; they give near-instant access to torque for a leg up on traditional gasoline powertrains. By augmenting the output of a V12 or twin-turbo V8, electric motors push hypercars in a different direction than most supercars.
  • Performance Technology: A supercar is designed to go fast and deliver thrills when you sit behind the wheel, but you might not find much in the way of performance technology. Hypercars, on the other hand, often feature built-in performance data recorders and other tools that give you superior insight into your vehicle.

Hypercar Rarity vs. Supercar Rarity

While some Chicagoland Ferrari owners have a holy grail or two they have been chasing for years (or decades), rarity is very different for supercars. For instance, nearly 8,000 Ferrari California T models were produced, but only 500 LaFerrari hypercars were made — and if you have your sights on the LaFerrari Aperta to drop the top on your hypercar, it’s even more rare at 210 models.

Discover More with Ferrari Lake Forest

We love the past, present, and future of Ferrari, and we can’t wait to see what the future of the supercar and hypercar look like. There’s one thing we’re sure of, though: they’ll be available in that iconic shade of red.

Do you have a specific Ferrari you’ve got your heart set on? Contact us today to let us know so we can hunt with you.

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