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Ferrari vs. Maserati Comparison

Ferrari vs. Maserati: Thrilling Luxury Vehicles

Enzo Ferrari


Alfieri Maserati

Year Founded

Maranello, Italy


Modena, Italy

F1 Racing Constructors’ Championships


Despite them sharing similar roots, there are very distinct differences between Ferrari and Maserati. Both are founded by Italian automakers and Ferrari even had ownership over its rival, but it’s clear that the Maserati prioritized luxury over performance while Ferrari dedicates its design to both — just take a look at their unrivaled F1 performance. Learn more about how these supercars got their start and where their performance is now with Ferrari Lake Forest. Then, contact us to learn if Maserati or Ferrari fits your Chicago collection.

Ferrari or Maserati?: Discovering Their Roots

While Ferrari and Maserati both got their start in racing, their paths diverged into the rivalry they’re known for today. Maserati made a splash in 1926 by beginning the production of racing cars and it was bolstered by the founder, Alfieri Maserati, winning the Targa Florio the same year. However, in 1957 the brand turned its specialty to producing grand tourers and focused on luxury vehicles, notable models being the 3500 GT and the Ghibli coupe.

A change of ownership in the 1980s had Maserati straying further away from sports cars and more focused on front-engine, rear-drive coupes. While the brand made the lineup a moderate success, ownership continued to change hands between Chrysler and FIAT, with FIAT selling its 50% stake to Ferrari in 1997. It wasn’t long before Ferrari gained sole ownership of Maserati in 1999 and tapped the brand to become its luxury division.

From there, Ferrari focused on modernization and improvement by establishing a new factory and upgrading Maserati’s tools and processes to once again become the luxury automaker that’s recognized today. As Maserati gained its footing, it split off from Ferrari in 2005, although it wasn’t until recently that Maserati re-entered the high-performance market.

When deciding between Maserati or Ferrari, you’ll notice that the history of Ferrari is more direct as it began with the spirit of the track and didn’t stray. Established in 1929 under Alfa Romeo’s racing division, also known as Scuderia Ferrari, it didn’t actually release its first model as Ferrari until 1947. The 125 S started the brand’s history of groundbreaking possibility and continued to grow and innovate a lineup of supercars and hypercars. That legacy can be seen in the brand’s astounding record of 16 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championships since its founding.

Ferrari or Maserati?: Expert Engineering

You can’t compare Ferrari vs. Maserati without matching up the specs you can see on the tracks around Indianapolis, IN. Even with Maserati’s reentrance into high-performance vehicles, it’ll take some catching up to compete with Ferrari. Here’s what you can expect with both brand’s latest engine specs:

  • Ferrari 812 Competizione: Equipped with an unprecedented naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 produces 819 hp, and can go from 0 – 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. This beautiful V12 has one of the highest outputs of a Ferrari road-car engine.
  • 2022 Maserati Ghibli Trofeo: Equipped with a 3.8L twin-turbo V8, the Ghibli generates 580 hp and can go from 0 – 60 mph in 4.0 seconds.

Ferrari or Maserati?: Recognizable Design

There’s no denying the simple symbols of Ferrari and Maserati are recognizable on the Minneapolis, MN streets. So, let’s take a closer look behind the icons:

  • Maserati Logo: Designed by Mario Maserati, the trident logo evokes the Fountain of Neptune located in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. The design not only calls back to the automaker’s home in Bologna, Italy, but it also means to represent the company’s strength and vigor.
  • Ferrari Logo: As you can guess, Ferrari’s Prancing Horse logo relates to its history on the track. The symbol has royal roots all the way back to the Duke of Savoy in 1692, but Enzo Ferrari himself made it synonymous with stunning performance when he won the Circuito Automobilistico del Savio (Savio Racing Car Circuit) in Ravenna in 1923.

Explore the Ferrari Supercar with Ferrari Lake Forest!

While you know more about the comparison of Ferrari vs. Maserati, there’s so much more to discover about the Prancing Horse supercar. To help you decide between Maserati or Ferrari. learn more about where Ferraris are made and take a closer look at the impressive speeds a Ferrari can reach on a track near Lake Bluff.

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