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What is a Ferrari Spider?

Ferrari 488 Spider

If you’ve seen the SF90 Spider or the F8 Spider and scratched your head at the naming, it’s clear you haven’t experienced the thrill of piloting a Ferrari convertible. While Ferrari has branded their convertibles differently over the years — spider, spyder, GTS, aperta — they’ve always delivered the same promise: the excitement of Ferrari performance with the wind in your hair. Aperta means “open” and GTS is simply Gran Turismo Spyder… but why do we call convertibles “spiders?” It’s a story older than Ferrari.

Why Are Convertibles Called Spiders?

Many of the terms we use in the auto industry come from a time that predates the first car, and “spider” can be traced all the way back to the horse-drawn carriage. The spider phaeton was a lightweight carriage built for sport and show that featured a removable top (with minimal protection from the elements). While many other open-air carriages sported permanent side windows, the spider offered a true open-air experience.

Some speculate that the carriage, with its small body, large wooden wheels, and thin spokes resembled a spider, and the name just stuck. It’s more likely that the vehicle’s eight-spoke wheels earned it its name, as they were distributed unevenly: four pointing to one side of the wheel and four to the opposite, with a larger gap between them.

Is it “spider” or “spyder,” though? It often varies from automaker to automaker, though you can tell from the GTS and the current Ferrari naming convention: sometimes one era features a spyder while another features a spider.

The Latest Ferrari Spider Models

The current Ferrari lineup has a trio of spiders:

  • SF90 Spider: Discover the feeling of nearly 1,000 hp with the top down on the convertible version of Ferrari’s hybrid supercar.
  • F8 Spider: The F8 Tributo is named appropriately, serving as a tribute to many Ferraris that came before. The F8 is a Ferrari that embraces the past while looking forward, and it couldn’t do that without a convertible version.
  • 812 GTS: A legend returns. The 812 GTS is the first V12 spider produced in half a century, the retractable hardtop means that the push of a button is all that stands between you and that unique Ferrari engine note.

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