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Porsche vs. Ferrari Logo: Similarities & Differences

Ferrari Logo

Have you ever encountered a Porsche or a Ferrari while driving in Chicago, but couldn’t tell which was which? Mixing up Porsche and Ferrari vehicles may be an embarrassing mistake to the average car enthusiast, but it isn’t an uncommon occurrence by any means. The Porsche and Ferrari logos share a lot of similarities, both having yellow and black shield emblems that feature a prancing horse. While the Porsche and Ferrari logos undeniably have a lot in common, both have very different meanings. We analyze the Porsche logo vs. Ferrari logo by their designs and rich histories, so the next time you encounter one of these legendary vehicles around Indianapolis, IN, you’ll never get the two mixed up again!



What is the Porsche Symbol?

What is the Porsche symbol, and what does the horse symbolize? For Porsche, the prancing pony is an ode to the city of Stuttgart, the capital city of the southwest German region of Baden-Wurttemberg, where the luxury automaker was originally founded. The yellow and black colors on Porsche is said to pay homage to the coat of arms in Wurttemberg as well.

What is the Ferrari Symbol?

When it comes to Ferrari, the history of the logo is far different from Porsche, and is not as clear. Unlike Porsche (German), Ferrari is an Italian automaker. Back in World War I, fighter pilot Francesco Baracca painted a prancing horse on the side of his plane. The founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, was informed about the prancing horse design upon meeting Countess Paolina of Ravenna after winning a race at the Savio track in 1923. The Countess insisted that Ferrari should add the logo to his vehicles, as the prancing horse would bring good fortune to the luxury automaker. Her son just so happened to be Francesco Barraca–the same legendary fighter pilot who pioneered the prancing horse logo on the side of his plane. In 1932, the first version of the Ferrari logo with the instantly recognizable yellow shield appeared on the Ferrari Alfa Romeo. The yellow and black colors on the Ferrari symbol are inspired by the official colors of Modena, Italy, the city where Enzo Ferrari was born.

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