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Electric Vehicle FAQs

Ferrari SF90 Spider

If you’re deciding between a Ferrari hybrid or going full electric, you may have some questions about electric vehicles. EVs aren’t right for everyone but for some drivers, they make a fantastic option. But, how do you know if an EV is right for your Chicago lifestyle? Our experts at Ferrari Lake Forest will help you uncover some electric vehicle benefits. Additionally, here are a few questions we’ll help you answer:

  • Is EV maintenance expensive?
  • Are EVs more reliable?
  • How does EV charging work?
  • Does Ferrari have an electric car?



Electric Vehicle Benefits

More and more drivers from the Indianapolis, IN area are making the switch to an electric vehicle. EV technology has come a long way so it’s no surprise that you’ll likely notice more on the road as time goes on. So, why are so many drivers opting for an EV to add to their garage? Take a look below to discover some EV benefits:

  • Renewable Energy: Many EV charging stations can utilize renewable forms of energy such as solar or wind.
  • Serene Driving Experience: No engine means you can enjoy a quieter driving experience when you’re behind the wheel of an EV in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Performance: Electric vehicles can provide near-instantaneous torque delivery so you can enjoy outstanding acceleration and performance when you climb inside an EV.


Is EV Maintenance Expensive?

One of the most common questions our service experts get is if EV maintenance is expensive. Since electric vehicles don’t have an internal combustion engine, there are typically fewer moving parts. As a result, EV maintenance costs are typically lower than that of a standard vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Some services EVs don’t need include:

  • Oil changes 
  • Spark plug services
  • Catalytic converter services
  • Fuel-injector cleaning
  • And more!

In addition to less maintenance, another electric vehicle benefit is the fact since there are fewer moving parts, there’s a lower chance that something could fail. This means that EVs can typically be seen as more reliable as well.

How Does EV Charging Work?

EV charging can seem confusing at first glance but there are generally two ways to charge your electric vehicle. You can charge your EV at home or using a public charging station. Between these two charging options, there are three main charging levels. Here are some details of the three main charging levels:

  • Level 1 Charging: Level 1 charging is typically the slowest way to charge an EV. However, it’s arguably the easiest way to charge an EV since it can utilize a standard wall outlet.
  • Level 2 Charging: Level 2 charging can be utilized at home (with professional installation) or at a public charging station. Level 2 charging is quicker than Level 1 charging.
  • DC Fast Charging: DC Fast Charging is only available at public charging stations due to the immense amount of power they require. However, using a DC Fast Charger is the quickest way to charge an EV.

Does Ferrari Have an Electric Car?

With all the perks of an electric vehicle, you may be wondering if you can enjoy the perks of a Ferrari with the benefits of an EV. So, does Ferrari have an electric car? Not yet!

Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, says that a Ferrari EV will be coming in the near future and will offer enthusiasts the same excitement that’s found in any other Ferrari vehicle. With that being said, electrification isn’t new to Ferrari as the lineup already features several hybrid models like the SF90 Stradale and 296 GTS.

Find Out More About Electric Vehicle Benefits With Ferrari Lake Forest!

Although Ferrari may not have an EV for you to enjoy on the Lake Bluff roads just yet, we can help you stay in the loop at Ferrari Lake Forest. In the meantime, feel free to explore the hybrid Ferrari models available by getting in touch with our team online!

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