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2023 Ferrari 296 GTS Preview

Ferrari 296 GTS
When the Ferrari 296 GTB was introduced, it took the world by storm. It showcased that Ferrari meant business, even with a V6 plug-in hybrid engine. In fact, take the Ferrari 296 GTB to your favorite track, and you’ll find that its driving experience is reminiscent of nearly any classic Ferrari model from the past but with a modern twist.

If you enjoy what the Ferrari 296 GTB has to offer but are looking for a more immersive driving experience, the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS has you covered. The new Ferrari 296 GTS is designed with the same architecture as the Ferrari 296 GTB but features a retractable hard top, so you can enjoy the open air on Chicago drives. Explore the 2023 Ferrari GTS preview today with Ferrari Lake Forest!

How Does the New 2023 Ferrari GTS Retractable Hard Top Work?

For this new 2023 Ferrari GTS, the GTS stands for “Gran Turismo Spider.” The “Spider” in “Gran Turismo Spider” refers to the open-air driving experience that the Ferrari 296 GTS has to offer. Fortunately, the Ferrari 296 GTS offers retractable hard top (RHT), so you can enjoy the best of both worlds between a standard Berlinetta and Spider. Here are some highlights of the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS and its RHT:

  • Design: When the RHT is up, it features a sleek and coupe-like design that’s similar to the one found in the 296 GTB.
  • Quick: In as little as 14 seconds, the RHT can retract or deploy itself quickly, so you can enjoy the open air or cover up in the event of inclement weather in a short amount of time.
  • Versatile: If you’re unable to stop to deploy or retract the retractable hard top, there’s no need to worry as it can function at speeds of up to around 28 MPH.
  • Performance: In other spider performance vehicles, having a RHT often mean that you’d have to sacrifice performance due to reduced heat dissipation. That’s not the case with the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS. The RHT has a multi-panel design that can fold over the front of the engine to maintain optimal heat dissipation for maximum performance on your Indianapolis, IN travels.

2023 Ferrari GTS Preview Highlights

While the retractable hard top is impressive engineering, there’s plenty more to appreciate with the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS. Whether it’s the driving dynamics you’ll get to benefit from around Minneapolis, MN or the attractive styling that’ll turn heads wherever you go, it’s clear that the new Ferrari 296 GTS is the perfect vehicle if you’re a Ferrari enthusiast. There’s plenty to enjoy with the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS, but here are a few highlights we think you’ll certainly appreciate:

  • Engine: We couldn’t touch on the 2023 Ferrari GTS preview without going over its engine. The engine in the 296 GTS is the same one found in the 296 GTB. It’s a power turbocharged V6 plug-in hybrid engine that delivers 819 horsepower and an exhaust note that’s similar to that of a legendary Ferrari V12.
  • Integrated Spoiler: The design of the Ferrari 296 GTS is already aerodynamic as it is, but when you’re traveling at high speeds, you’ll want all the downforce you can get for maximum stability. The 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS features an integrated active spoiler that blends in with the body lines of the 296 GTS and deploys when needed to increase downforce.
  • Body Rigidity: Oftentimes, with a performance vehicle that’s offered in a spider configuration, you end up losing body rigidity since the roof was removed. However, the 296 GTS was optimized for maximum body stiffness when it was designed from the 296 GTB chassis. A stiffer body means better control and performance when you’re pushing your Ferrari to its limits at the track.

Find Out More About This New 2023 Ferrari GTS Model With Ferrari Lake Forest!

There’s a lot to uncover with the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS, and we’re more than happy to go over the details with you at our Lake Bluff dealership. Find out more about the new 296 GTS today when you reach out to our team online!

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