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The Distinctive Sound of Ferrari Performance

Ferrari Engine Close Up

The unique sound of a Ferrari is a hallmark of the lineup on par with that famous shade of red and the world-renowned prancing pony logo. An auditory fingerprint, the Ferrari engine note separates it from the rest of the world’s automobiles. The joyous cry as a Ferrari engine roars to life is one of the best parts about being behind the wheel, and it will sound different on the road than it does on the track.

Discover Honest Engine Sounds in a Ferrari

Since the advent of electric cars, automakers have been looking for a way to cover up the awkward silence that comes from a vehicle without an engine — leading some manufacturers to create engine notes artificially. Not Ferrari.

Francesco Carosone, Ferrari’s Senior Acoustic Engineer, put it simply: “Ferrari has an authentic sound other car companies want to create artificially.” Rather than replicate an exciting sound through an amplifier or a speaker, the sound of a Ferrari is derived from acoustic consideration during engine production, including intelligent tuning and design.

The process of balancing exhaust and intake, tuning sound quality, can be incredibly time consuming and expensive, but that changed in 2013. A unique Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator now allows Carosone to test engine notes digitally, through virtual prototypes. The result is precision tuning that would be impossible with purely physical testing.

The Most Popular Ferrari Engine Sounds

Scuderia Car Parts counted down their top 5 Ferrari engine sounds. Your mileage may vary, but it’s hard to argue against their top choices:

  1. Ferrari F12
  2. Ferrari F50
  3. Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
  4. Ferrari 250
  5. Ferrari F2002

Whether you’re hearing a track car like the Ferrari F2002 or a road-ready GTC4Lusso, you’ll always have an iconic sound. Turn heads around Chicago with that unmistakable roar so other drivers can see the blur of your Ferrari as you leave them in the rearview.


Learn More with Ferrari Lake Forest

If you can’t wait to get behind the wheel and hear what your next Ferrari sounds like, Ferrari has an audio library to tide you over. Questions about the Ferrari engine note? Worried that your vehicle’s engine sounds a bit off? Contact us at Ferrari Lake Forest. We can help you find the right Ferrari and ensure yours roars in tune for the foreseeable future.

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