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Ferrari California

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Ferrari California T

Ferrari California vs. Ferrari California T

What’s in a letter? If you know your Ferrari California history, you already know the answer is “quite a bit.” While we have had occasion for both Ferrari California and Ferrari California T to grace our showroom, how could you choose if presented with the both?

As your Chicago Ferrari dealer, we’ve got the specs to help you decide.

Engine & Performance

At a glance, you might think all that separates the Ferrari California and Ferrari California T is some time. Quite a bit changed from 2009 to 2016, including what’s under the hood:

  • The California T sports a 3.9L bi-turbo V8 with 553 hp and 557 lb-ft of torque.
  • The 4.3L V8 of the 2009 California has yet to adopt the turbocharger, delivering 453 hp and 357 lb-ft of torque.

That turbocharger can be all the difference for some drivers. If you’re a devotee of naturally aspirated engines, you might eagerly trade the California T’s notable increases in performance specs for a turbo-free ride.

Ferrari California T Engine

Interior & Exterior Design

Both vehicles sport an interior wrapped in premium leather, but the Ferrari California T makes incredible use of its space. Between a more convenient placement of navigation, a spacious interior that establishes new expectations for a 2+2, and more trunk space, the California T makes it easy to get comfortable behind the wheel.

The more spacious cabin does come at a price, however, and Chicagoland drivers who prize the sleekest and slimmest Ferraris might prefer the California — and will no doubt still feel at home in the cockpit. The exterior of the California also bears a unique look while the California T experienced a significant exterior redesign that took cues from the F12berlinetta.

Ferrari California T Interior

Decide at Ferrari Lake Forest

We can’t make the decision for you, but we do think that each Ferrari driver will have an opinion on the California vs. California T. Let Ferrari Lake Forest help you make the decision firsthand. Contact us to learn about our selection of Ferrari models so we can notify you when a California or California T becomes available.

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