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Ferrari Goes Electric

SF90 Stradale Grille

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale electrified and impressed enthusiasts and automotive experts alike. It showcased the incredible hybrid-electric performance that Ferrari was capable of and proved to the world that Ferrari hybrid models mean business and are here to stay. With the introduction of this Ferrari hybrid model, many are wondering about the future of electric Ferrari models. Well, wonder no more because a Ferrari chairman has officially confirmed that the first-ever Ferrari electric car will be announced in 2025. A Ferrari represents the ideal automotive experience as you’re driving on the Chicago roads.

With such a pursuit for perfection, it’s no surprise that Ferrari engineers want to make sure that battery technology is perfect before revealing a Ferrari electric car. Fortunately, the wait will fully be worth it when you get to experience an electric Ferrari on Indianapolis, IN drives. Although an electric Ferrari model will be available in the future, you can opt for a Ferrari hybrid model today from Ferrari Lake Forest! Explore our incredible selection of Ferrari models and find the perfect hybrid Ferrari for your drives before adding an electric Ferrari to your collection.

The Road to the Electric Ferrari

Although exact details of the Ferrari electric car have yet to be unveiled, it’s clear that you’ll get to enjoy the traditional Ferrari experience in addition to all the advantages that make an electric sports car so special. With that being said, we can see the blueprints of what an electric Ferrari may look like thanks to the Ferrari hybrid models currently available. A particularly incredible hybrid Ferrari model is the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, producing an immense amount of power.

Joining the SF90 Stradale will also be the Ferrari 296 GTB, which will feature an astonishing turbocharged V6 engine paired with an electric motor. to really elevate your Minneapolis, MN adventures. With such impressive performance from their hybrid Ferrari models, here’s what you can likely expect from the future of an electric Ferrari:

  • Near-Instant Torque – Hop into a hybrid Ferrari today and you’ll feel near-instantaneous torque delivery as you step on the gas pedal. With an electric Ferrari model, you can anticipate even quicker torque delivery as there’s only an electric motor that’ll be providing that power.
  • Regenerative Braking – New Ferrari hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking technology to maximize range and performance while you’re driving around Lake Bluff. Electric Ferrari models will also likely have this technology to take thermal energy from braking and transform it into electricity to charge the battery.
  • New Construction – Electric vehicle batteries are heavy, but thanks to modern Ferrari engineering and the use of multi-material construction with carbon fiber and aluminum, the new construction of Ferrari hybrid and electric models will be stronger and more rigid than ever.
  • Lower Center of Gravity – It’s likely that the battery used in an electric Ferrari will be placed as low as possible in the vehicle to lower the center of gravity. A low center of gravity will allow for exceptional handling, incredible road manners, and better stability.

Ferrari Hybrid Models You Can Drive Today

Although there will be a Ferrari electric vehicle available in the future, you’re able to enjoy the beginning stages of an EV Ferrari with a Ferrari hybrid model. Some of the Ferrari hybrid vehicles you can choose from include:

Stay Up-to-Date with Ferrari Lake Forest

The idea of an electric Ferrari is just now beginning but before you know it, you’ll be able to order your very own electric Ferrari model. Check back with us regularly for the latest updates as more hybrid Ferrari models are released and we get closer to 2025. And contact Ferrari Lake Forest today if you have any questions about our current selection of Ferrari hybrid models.

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