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Red Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB

Red Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 488 GTB vs. Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 488 GTB


Ferrari 458 Italia

3.9L Twin Turbo V8


4.5L V8
205 mph

Top Speed

202 mph
660 hp (8,000 RPM)


562 hp (9,000 RPM)
561 lb-ft (3,000 RPM)


398 lb-ft (6,000 RPM)

Finding the Difference: Ferrari 488 GTB vs. 458 Italia

The 488 replaced the 458 in the Ferrari lineup, with the 488 GTB bringing incredible control to at-the-time unprecedented levels of power (the SF90 Stradale continues to push that envelope).

When weighing the Ferrari 488 vs. 458, you need to be at least a little more specific. Here, we’ve compared the Ferrari 488 GTB vs. 458 Italia, and as you can see, these two models offer a different sense of style and some different performance specs. While you may find a Ferrari Approved 458 Italia among our Certified Pre-Owned models, it has given way to newer vehicles like the well-reviewed Ferrari 488 GTB. There is not a wrong choice when you choose a Ferrari, but there is a right choice for you — and Ferrari Lake Forest can help.

Naturally Aspirated vs. Turbocharged

Perhaps not a debate as old as time, but certainly a debate that is at the core of every Ferrari 458 vs. 488 discussion: naturally aspirated vs. turbocharged. While performance enthusiasts often have a preference, that doesn’t mean there’s a right answer.

  • Naturally aspirated engines like the 562-hp V8 under the hood of the 458 Italia are a favorite of drivers who are drawn to a classic sound and feel from an engine.
  • The specs will always favor the turbocharged engine, however, and if you’re simply looking for raw power, the Ferrari 458 vs. 488 decision is already made for you by the 660-hp twin-turbo V8 of the 488 GTB.

We have to admit that while we’re impressed by the higher specs and the 488’s demonstrated ability to outperform the 458, we can’t argue with the fans who prefer the feel of a naturally aspirated engine.

Ferrari 488 GTB Performance

The name itself marks a return to classic Ferrari model designations — 488 for the engine’s displacement and GTB for Gran Turismo Berlinetta — and the 488 GTB performance specs live up to the classic expectations of a Ferrari, too.

The technology of a modern twin turbo simply surpasses what a standard V8 is capable of, with 660 hp at 8,000 RPM and 561 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 RPM.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 458 Italia Performance

Though the 488 GTB marks a bold new direction with its twin turbo V8, the Ferrari 458 Italia has won its fair share of praise — over 30 international awards, in fact. One of them, “Best Performance Engine,” will have the Ferrari 488 fighting to earn its place in the modern Ferrari canon.

Yet Chicago drivers can already see that the specs support the newcomer, even if the Ferrari 458 Italia is quite impressive at 562 and 398 lb-ft of torque. The 488 GTB even has a slight edge in top speed at 205 mph over the 458 Italia’s 202 mph.

Discover the Modern Ferrari at Ferrari Lake Forest

We’re fans of the Ferrari 458 Italia, but we also can’t help but look to the future. Discover the next era of performance behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB at Ferrari Lake Forest. Contact us to learn more or schedule some quality time in the driver’s seat and decide on Ferrari 488 vs. 458 for yourself (or weigh the 488 GTB vs. 458 Speciale).

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