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California T

Maximum Power
at 7,500rpm
Maximum Torque
3.8 Liter
Maximum Speed


The Ferrari California T is the latest release from a distinguished line of California models. Since the introduction of the 1957 California 250 GT, this line has been renowned for elegance, sportiness, versatility and performance.

The re-innovated California T is a car worthy of any automobile aficionado or a discerning client seeking a majestically comfortable daily drive.

The California T, while a masterful modernization of the 2008 California also retains every essence of the legendary Ferrari DNA.

The new turbocharged Ferrari V8 engine, a result of painstaking craft and cutting edge innovation is now back at the heart of our latest piece of artistry. Capable of razor sharp responsiveness, blistering performance with an exhilarating soundtrack, backed by turbo technology, it is in every respect a classic Ferrari engine.


Maranello’s engineers have managed to design a remarkable power unit that combines classic Ferrari engine qualities, such as razor-sharp responsiveness, blistering performance, superbly powerful acceleration at all speeds and an exhilarating soundtrack, with the advantages turbo technology, such as drastically reduced emissions and fuel consumption, a high specific power output and compact dimensions.


The shapes of its flanks are inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender stylings with the front wing line stretching back towards the compact rear. This lends an aerodynamic sleekness and a visual fluidity to its external elements.

A generous front grill grants the automobile an aura of power while the new streamlined enhances the overall aesthetic. The two vents serve to dissipate heat from the turbo engine. The rear features new horizontal styling elements and was subject to intensive aerodynamic testing resulting in a new triple-fence diffuser.


The California T’s interior is an immaculate fusion of innovation, function and ergonomic comfort. Ferrari influenced styling is present in the multi-functional steering wheel, the round air vents, the clear division between the dash and tunnel and the signature F1 bridge. Encapsulated in an elegantly crafted, ergonomically redesigned cabin, the sophisticated materials and craftsman-like attention to detail elevate the driving experience.

The Turbo Performance Engineer (TPE), a sophisticated instrument with a digital display and touch-sensitive scroll is discreetly located centrally between dual air vents. It presents valuable output based on the turbocharged V8’s performance allowing for responsiveness and efficiency. An all-new intuitive infotainment system designed for easy navigation also provides instant access to other functions.


Sublime form and aesthetics, improved input response and an innovative world first turbo V8 — these are hallmarks of every Ferrari, and the California t is no exception.

Boasting true sports car dynamics, relaxed steering wheel activity and increased responsiveness as a result of a new steering box and mechanical setup, this Ferrari guarantees consistent pleasure behind the wheel in both challenging and daily driving conditions; a commitment to the classic Grand Tourer experience. New springs and the latest Magnaride shock absorbers (more than 50% faster) combined with body motion accelerometers reduce roll and pitch to deliver more precise handling without compromising on riding comfort.

The cutting-edge electronic systems include the latest evolution of the F1-Trac, SCM3 magnetorheological suspension and ESP 8.0 Premium; integrated with the CCM3 braking system to manage the high-performance ABS.


In a world first achievement, the new Ferrari turbo V8 provides an instantaneous response, augmented by blistering performance, impressive torque, and a signature soundtrack, clearly attesting to a classic Ferrari engine with all the fuel efficiency of a turbo.

The 3.8l V8 delivers 553 hp (142bhp/l, a leader in this category) and a maximum torque of 557 lb/ft in 7th gear. Despite an output of 70 extra horsepower and a massive 49% more torque, fuel consumption has fallen by 15%. As a result, range has increased approximately by 20%.

The use of the F1 derived flat-plane crankshaft and innovative twin-scroll turbines, along with the cutting of overall mass and inertia has also virtually eliminated turbo lag. The torque curve increases constantly across the rev range due to the proprietary Variable Boost Management software that adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear engaged.

Certified Pre-Owned
By Ferrari
Ferrari Approved is a pre-owned certification program designed to help provide maximum security and peace of mind to owners purchasing Ferraris registered within the last 14 years
7 Year Maintenance
By Ferrari
Genuine Maintenance is Ferrari’s exclusive program that helps to ensure that its vehicles are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance and safety.
Financial Services
By Ferrari
Ferrari Financial Services is the company’s own financial services provider, created to enhance and facilitate the experience of purchasing a Ferrari.
Power Warranty
By Ferrari
Ferrari introduces the New Power15 extended warranty programme which provides cover for Prancing Horse cars for up to 15 years from the date they are first registered.
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